We try to convey information regarding our labelled products in a straight, forthright and truthful manner so that you know exactly what you can expect from them (and what not).


Q: Why are you selling it so cheap (less than R600)?

A: Up until now quality waterproof cases were only sold in low volume (10’s) in small niche markets such as sea kayaking. Having used them we realised that there is actually a much broader market for them in the South African context e.g. trail running, mountain biking etc. By selling them so cheap we hope to sell thousands (1000’s) of them and make our profit on volume.


Q: Why are you selling it for so expensive (more than R100)?

A: If you are paying anything less than about R350 you are most probably buying an inferior Chinese copy. It may look the same but it does not work the same.


Q: Why is it better (or as good) as the expensive waterproof cases retailing for more than R600?

A: Our cases have a unique, patented design that makes it easier to use the phone when it is in the case. You will notice that the sides of the case have the same shape as your mobile phone. Other waterproof cases either have flat seamed sides or buoyant seams that make it difficult to find and operate the side buttons on a mobile phone. It is made from 0.3 mm environmentally friendly biodegradable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that is better quality AND allows for better touch screen functionality than 0.4 mm polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that a lot of other cases are made of.


Q: How durable are the HELIAN waterproof cases?

A: It is made out of top quality material and should last you a good couple of years if you do not abuse it. You will prolong its life by rinsing it with fresh water after using it in the sea or swimming pool.


Q: I can’t take photos or videos underneath the water?

A: The water temperature and pressure hinders the touchscreen functionality. Set the phone to use the buttons on the side of the phone to take photos and videos.


Q: Is the case shock and impact proof?

A: No, but it will probably help to lessen the impact of the shock.


Q: Is it a hard case or a soft case?

A: It is a soft case.


Q: Does it float with a phone inside?

A: Yes, it floats with some smaller phones but we suggest that you purchase one of our floats to make it float with a larger phone.


Q: Is the lanyard long enough to wear around your neck?

A: Yes.


Q: Will the Bluetooth and wifi work as usual when the phone is in the case?

A: Yes, but not underneath the water.



Do's, Don'ts, Warnings and Tips


1. Before using your waterproof case for the first time with your expensive mobile phone, test it to make sure that it is not one of the 0.01% duds we manufacture. Put some toilet paper inside, seal it and dunk it underneath the water. If the toilet paper gets wet, it is a dud. Contact us to exchange it.

2. Squeeze the excess air out before sealing the case.

3. Ensure you lock the waterproof case tightly.

4. Keep the case clean and allow it to air after use. Use a soft cloth to remove excess moisture.



1. Don’t use in water hotter than 50 degrees.

2. Don’t stretch the seams of the case by overfilling it.

3. Don’t store any organic material in the case.

4. Don’t expose the case to harmful chemicals such as petrol or oil.

5. Don’t expose the case to sources of heat (fire, gas heaters etc.) that may melt it.

6. Don’t leave it lying around in the sun. The plastic will heat up considerably and your phone may get damaged.



1. Use at own risk in turbulent water such as river rapids and ocean waves. If you want to do extreme stuff use your GoPro.

2. Although the case is waterproof up to 25 metres, we do not recommend taking it deeper than 10 metres for longer than 30 minutes at a time.

3. Obviously your waterproof case will not last forever. The harsh environment (sun, sea, salt, chlorine) that you use it in will have a corrosive effect on the material in time to come. Test the case periodically to ensure that is still fully functional (or anytime you are in doubt).




1. Before taking the case underwater set your screen saver so it does not come on all the time.

2. Set the screen brightness level high so it is easy to see underneath the water.

3. Set the side buttons to use for taking photos and videos.



• Although this is an exceptional piece of gear, it is not a replacement for your GoPro or underwater camera. • We see videos of people using their waterproof cases successfully in extra-ordinary ways that we do not necessarily recommend (such as videoing themselves jumping of very high waterfalls etc.)

• In making our promotional videos we take great care to use our waterproof cases in a controlled, responsible manner so that our phones won’t get wet.

• Be grateful when your case does the miraculous for you but don’t expect it on a daily basis.

• Don’t blame us or the product when you abuse it.